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Greeting and introduction

This is the 12th President of Korean Society of Healthcare-associated Infection Control and Prevention. On behalf of our members, I would like to express my gratitude and welcome to visit our society.

Our society has made a history of infection control in Korea. It was founded in 1995 as the Korean Society for Nosocomial Infection Control and changed its name to the Korean Society of Healthcare-associated Infection Control and Prevention in 2015. It was because the target of infection control has expanded to not only hospital-acquired infections but also healthcare-associated infections comprising community-onset. Korean MERS-CoV outbreak of 2015 is a clear example. Therefore, the scope of the society expanded to infection control of outpatient clinic, long-term care facility, and communicable diseases spreading between the community and the hospital, and sentinel response to emerging infectious diseases.

As of 2018, we have 3573 members, with 730 physicians, 1,937 nurses, and 124 medical technologists. The mission of this multidisciplinary society is to develop effective control measures based on scientific evidence and expertise, then apply them to the healthcare and feedback the outcomes to further improve. To this end, the society conduct first, academic activities such as researches, annual conferences and journal publications, second, education such as training courses for infection control professional, and third, national surveillance of healthcare-associated infections. “Communication and cooperation” are a tradition and foundation of the society. Therefore, the core value of the society is to support the members of variety of occupations and professions working together for infection control, and collaboration with public health authorities and other societies, companies, and international organizations. I and the 12th executive committee devoted to maintenance and development of our mission.

We always welcome your guidance and encouragement so that the society will play a leadership on protection the people from healthcare-associated infections in Korea.

Thank you.

December 1, 2018
Mi-Na Kim
The 12th President of Korean Society of Healthcare-associated Infection Control and Prevention